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Projects are a part of who we are. Through creativity, we tell our own story.

Borrowed Wings
A memoir, available April 2024


Mary Love's first book is a story of  Carla was born in New Jersey as a product of her parents' infidelity. Five years later, she witnessed the abrupt separation of her parents and soon after her father's suicide. Her mother neglected her family as she slipped into depression and addictions. Her mother's friend Elma moved into their newly discovered haunted home, and she did her best to raise Carla and her siblings. Neglect, abuse, grief, CPS visits, and seeing her friends' normal lives made Carla realize her childhood was not healthy. Carla's spiritual connection to her deceased father and loved ones gave her the strength to overcome family obstacles. Learning about her parents and newfound relatives made her curious about her own experiences in high school and adulthood.

Taking Flight
A memoir, available May 2024

Carla's journey continues in this book as she overcomes challenges from adolescence to adulthood. She endures a multitude of traumatic events at home that lead to her placement in Child Protective Services care. In the foster care system alone, she moves around several times and lost two years of high school. Carla continued to leverage her spiritual connection and strengthen her gifts through the discovery of yoga and meditation. During her newly found love of self-healing, she comes up with a plan to complete high school on time. Pushing through all obstacles faced before and in the foster care system, she graduates high school on time. Carla studies biochemistry at a local university. Carla's strategy to graduate on time has been used as an example path to ensure foster care adolescents in New Jersey can graduate on time, regardless of relocations while under Child Protective Services care.

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