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Hi! I'm Mary Love


The Founder of Spiritual Atlas,

Writer, Scientist, & Yogi 

I enjoy exploring the Human Experience through spirituality, psychology, science, yoga, and mindfulness. My goal is to remind people of the beauty in all things, inspired by my personal experiences. In our Human Experience, we somehow build resilience no matter how difficult and uncomfortable life gets. We humans power through adversity like no other, and I think it’s beautiful. I started the Compass Blog to share stories, connect with others, and practice mindfulness in the Human Experience.

My journey has also led me to write two books, Borrowed Wings and Taking Flight, which detail my upbringing into adulthood. I keep busy as a scientist, reader, exerciser, meditation teacher, blogger, spiritual advisor, and socializer.

Navigate with Me

Meditation & Mindfulness Workshops

Learn the importance of meditation and ways to invite peace into your life. Mary Love's workshops entail teachings, collaborative breathing exercises, and guided meditations. These meditations serve for protection, positive energy, and target chakra areas. Workshops last about three hours, and there’s always snacks and breaks in between modules. You don't want to miss this! She will teach you everything to get started in meditation, so no prior experience is needed. Come ready to learn and meditate, the interactive way. 


I will provide students with a workshop packet to take notes and have learning material. For events in person, bring a yoga mat!

Speaking Events

In need of a speaker who can cover topics like mindfulness, spirituality, writing, yoga, domestic violence, child protection services, or stories of resilience? Mary Love can cover a multitude of topics, which she will work closely with event coordinators to tailor to her scheduled talk. 


Mary Love has given talks at various events, including Child Protection Services, universities, and awareness events.

Yoni Circle

Mary Love is an ambassador for Yoni Circle, a global Women's Wellness Community. In Yoni Circle, she leads circles and connects with women through the power of storytelling. Join us here in Yoni Circle and receive a free month using code MARYLOVE to get started. Once you join Yoni Circle (click the circle icon to the website), let me know so we can join a circle together!  

Spiritual Work

Since 2016, Mary Love has offered spiritual readings (e.g., mediumship and clairvoyant readings) and custom services such as group readings and house clearings by inquiry only. If you'd like to book a reading with me, please expect a 2–3-week lead time for an appointment. 

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