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Sol Mindfulness, a revolutionary app for women looking to build community

I have been a member of Sol Mindfulness, an app that hosts live storytelling circles, since late 2022. These circles involve video experiences, where members connect through stories after listening to a guided meditation. I have seen some prompts, including but not limited to: trust, illusions, adaptation, risk, approval, endurance, abundance, sacrifice. Circles last about an hour, which is great for busy women like myself. The app plans to support men soon, by the end of 2024, which is exciting.

Chloe Drimal, a seriously beautiful soul with an education of gold and a mindset that we should all strive for, is the person who started the company. Over the years, she has made the user experience better. One of my favorite features is the ability to connect in a special chat room after Circle ends. She is always available for members to connect with whenever there is an issue or a bug to fix on the app. She is also a dear friend of mine, but she does not know I am writing this blog as you read this LOL. ;)

Sol Mindfulness is inspired by the sunrise, which symbolizes light breaking through darkness, the solar plexus's capacity to alleviate stress and manifest our dreams, and the belief that we all have the potential to radiate our own light. The significance of this app encompasses my time with Sol Mindfulness for almost two years.

Users choose to be an active listener or tell a story after the prompt meditation. Members may not judge, provide feedback, or give advice. I appreciate the intimacy since members have to stay on camera with headphones on. After every Circle, Sol administers a survey to ensure users are following guidelines, and they promptly investigate individuals who are reported or behave inappropriately. Personally, I have never had an issue with the members or the app overall. Everyone has been lovely to be in Circle with and connect with afterward. Stories I hear create new perspectives in my busy brain. I absolutely love it, and it's been therapeutic for me. Sol Mindfulness has become a part of my regimen every few days. 

What I love most is the app is a personality size fits all, where the member has control of what they'd like to share on their profile and stories. Members decide whether to make your story public on your profile, public with an anonymous name, private, or delete it. Members have the ability to change the story settings if they decide to make it public or private after the fact. Members are encouraged to remember the stories but always leave the names behind, ensuring confidentiality. For many, including myself, being a part of Sol Mindfulness has been healing, enlightening, and transformative. There are so much community and supportive women before and after Circle. To be heard, not judged, and never filled with pressure to share a story, is EVERYTHING. 

The scheduled slots for Circle are various because Sol Mindfulness is global. It's been pretty cool to find myself in Circle with women from the Philippines, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, across the United States, in Russia, or Africa. Again, perspectives from other women, cultures, stories, upbringings, and lessons have been collectively remarkable to listen to directly. Also, to become friends with members and meeting them in person has been wonderful!

One story that I covered in Circle on 23-Apr-2023 (hint, if you download the app and join… you can hear the full story on my profile!) was after a meditation prompt on challenging moments. I spoke about my profession in immunotherapy and how challenging it was for me to write up a protocol, manufacture, and get a cellular product out of the door on Christmas Eve one year. In my field, people refer to this story as the story of Mr. Christmas, because I helped a patient get through Christmas and New Year with family. It was a tough ninety-six hours for me, but I harnessed the strength to handle everything. We made it happen with the support of my good colleagues. Shout out to the bacon, egg and cheese on everything bagel that I ate on the way to work at 5am on Christmas Eve, because that's all I ate until I handed the packaged box to the courier. 🙂

It took me fifteen hours to make the cell therapy product for this patient, and I am thankful the patient survived for almost a month after the last chance treatment I manufactured with a relative's fresh bone marrow donation. I put every inch of myself to finish with a high recovery of CD34+ cells and do it properly, but more than everything… It was a challenging moment for me. My plans during the holidays stopped to save a life, and I would do it all over again if need be.

Powerful stories come in through Sol Mindfulness, and it's truly a blessing that this app is globally available for us to story tell and listen with open hearts. Love sings through this app, and I couldn't recommend it more. I often listen to themed mixtapes on love or womanhood, but sometimes I enter adventure mode and listen to the top stories. Like a podcast, you can browse through topics and listen along when not in Circle. Last, there are cosmos I indulge in after Circles, which is the reflections of those that just finished Circle. Overall, Sol Mindfulness is an incredible app, and for us women… it's evolutionary. 

To join me on Sol Mindfulness, use the code MARYLOVE for the first month free. Trust me, it's worth it. <3. Namaste. #solmindfulness #marylove #womencommunity #storytelling



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