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Balance, our friend for life.

Balance is your friend. It is a concept that I have learned to both respect and embrace. Balance teaches us we do not receive all we wish for, but we receive what we receive. We may not deserve everything that we face, and every aspect of life may crash down on us in the same week.

Ebbs and flows, as above so below, what goes around comes around (karma), or whatever you call it… balance is inevitable. No one can run from it, and no one can overcome it. I don't care who you are or your perceived status. Balance will bring blessings or take the unexpected in any direction it desires.

Give balance the grace it deserves, because the Human Experience (tHA) will show you that balance will do its thing without your permission. Honestly, I appreciate balance so much. Here's why.

When we think of tHA, there are four key aspects we focus on: family, health, relationships, and career/passions. Everyone wants all to be well and thrive for the highest good, but everything we do has a ripple effect. If you're in the "water" and the tides make their way to you, hence the ripple effect, you may not see the calm waters in the distance. The calm waters are there regardless of what you may see, and we mustn’t forget the beauty in all that creates the foundation we stem from. Remember, life continues to ripple around you as each decision is made, in which parts are calm, parts are rough. tHA may ripple troubling times at a faster rate than others, but there are always calm waters surrounding you. There is so much love surrounding us in life, in so many forms, within the four key aspects mentioned above. I purposely separated the pieces of that sentence to break down the complexity of the love that exists. Because truly, there is an infinite amount of love embedded within the world and divine forces around us.

For me, when I find myself in chaos with life happening around me (e.g., career, relationships), I envision the ripple slowly dissipating in the vast and infinite water. A human, spirit, and/or soul is only a part of the gigantic embodiment of energy, the body of water. There is so much space and energy to channel stress, love, pain, and joy elsewhere. We are in this together, where tHA is within and throughout the universe.

My best coping mechanism for balance has been reconnecting with the inner self through yoga and meditation. Every time, I am relieved with the reminder that we live in a beautiful world of energy and love that can be sought through this connection. Slow down to meditate and engage in yoga. You don’t have to be good at it, but increasing the cadence will improve the connection to YOU.

If you ever have questions about how I manage balance in my life through meditation and yoga, please connect with me through the website, email, or social media. I am always here, as long as I balance it. 😉

Balance is here to stay, your forever friend.


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