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Birthdays, a day to celebrate.

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

People celebrate birthdays in different ways and define the day’s meaning based on their perception during their Human Experience. Factually speaking, it is the day the sun returns to the same location it was the year prior. Also, your birthday is:

An energetically maternal day.

The day your mother pushed you out.

The day you entered a soul contract.

The day you entered a new Human Experience.

Our parents genetically create your gross body (your physical body in yogi terms) scientifically and energetically, bringing along ancestral trauma, mutations, malfunctions, perspectives, and habits through our nucleic material (DNA, RNA, etc.). A biological copy of your mother, hence my mention of a maternally energetic day, lives within the mechanics of every cell (except red blood cells, but I digress) in your body in the form of mitochondria. The mitochondria are an organelle that serves as the powerhouse of the cell. Mitochondria dictates any motion, thought, blink, or movement of the body. The body requires energy, and one cannot function with mitochondria.

For your birthday, remember the maternal gift of energy our mother’s passed along besides your physical appearance on Earth. Thanks to available technologies such as Ancestry or 23andMe, you can trace back the generations of mitochondria that your mother has passed down and discover your lineage name. It’s special, and maternal.

Let us celebrate each birthday in our Human Experience by reflection of our time here, acceptance of all that’s happened in life, gratitude for all that you’ve accomplished, and remind yourself of the powerhouse you’ve become. You are still becoming who you are meant to be at every milestone of your life. A rollercoaster easily describes many lives I have touched, but you are still here reading or listening to someone read this. Right?

Birthdays are a day to nurture your inner child. Birthdays are special to you and others around the world. Collectively, we celebrate another milestone. Happy birthday to you, and the birthday of the person you’re reading this to. Namaste.


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